Recluitment + AI

With 24/7 assistance, it allows you to give a better experience for all your candidates and improve your response time. In only one chat with the candidates, Andy can screen them for the positions, validate their resume, and arrange an interview. With Andy, human resources teams are more efficient because it optimizes the resume read time, making it scalable. Across artificial intelligence, Andy talks with candidates all day and night, always thinking that the candidates are the most important and it reduces the hiring times. Your recruiting team will be able to invest more time in the right candidates.



Interviews Unlimited

Andy does not limit the number of candidates to interview for vacant, not having a schedule or physical limitations for the interview, Andy works 24×7, remaining always available for interviews to candidates.

Customizable and scalable

Andy is possible to parameterize and give weight to the most relevant characteristics of each profile for each of the vacancies, minimizing errors, optimizing the process and improving recruitment time for all vacancies in a company.

Cost reduction

Because agility generated in the selection process and the availability of Andy for interviews, your team can talk only with qualified candidates and filtered, generating savings not only in time and resources, but in physical spaces for activities section.

Use of time

Only pass the phase of interviews candidates that fit the profile, generating better use of time recruiter. Another benefit is being able to take advantage of candidates for other vacancies, generating use of the database.

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