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The use of the QR code is a revolution that is advancing day by day in the Latam region. Among the reasons for the success of QR codes are their low costs, security, and relatively easy adoption possibilities for the population. In line with the above, Nokia decided to innovate in the Retail industry, using WOW. A solution that allowed him to interact directly with the consumer at the Point of Sale through a QR code and which in turn allowed him to achieve greater capillarity and efficiency in the use of his resources. The impact of Covid-19 on the global economy is severe, far-reaching and affects the entire business world, and the Retail industry is no exception. Solutions with this technology target various industries that seek to provide consumers with a tailored service and simplify their purchases.



Extend communication

One of the main attributes of the platform is that it gives consumers the ease of obtaining information products practical and simple, plus personalized service with optimal response times, and on the side of the brand, allows force sales provide care to multiple clients in parallel and effectively.

Consumer & Brand Insights

It is a tool that provides important information to the business, you know the buying behavior of customers through data and information collected in chats and can perform a track and identify that way your customers behave.

A unique experience

Your consumers will be attended by one of the experts of your brand, ensuring a unique experience and can share with multimedia files such as audio, photos and videos to clarify any doubts. You have traceability of the behavior and interaction of each consumer.

How It Works

We generate QR codes for each point of sale, marketing campaign or banner; We install Chat Access Buttons. We offer the possibility to integrate into your landing page floating buttons that give direct access to the chat. We connect consumers with advisers. We guarantee effective communication to the sales team, providing full coverage and Omnichannel experience.

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